Mar 17, 17

X-Bionic to open partnership store


X-Bionic will be opening a partnership store in London tomorrow.

In partnership with the established Putney-based cycle store, Velosport, X-Bionic sporting apparel and X-Socks will be available for direct purchase at Velosport, 525 Upper Richmond Road, London, from March 18.

With X-Bionic, Velosport will be expanding its reach into the running and outdoor clothing arena and this new concept store in Putney will offer customers the opportunity to test X-Bionic kit in local runs and rides as well as setting in place a schedule of demo events from its store.

These events will take the form of experience days where the Velosport and X-Bionic team will offer their customers the opportunity to try out its technical clothing ranges on guided group runs and rides around Richmond Park and the local area.

These services and events will run alongside Velosports’ existing and extensive service offering of bike repairs and servicing in the Tech Lab, Retul bike fits, fitness testing, personal training all in the new Black Box Fitting Room; all available from professionals in its store and bookable at 020 8780 1978.

Velosport will also be launching a new look website which will be communicated across social media channels along with a new range of forthcoming events.

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