Aug 08, 17

Partnership cooks up a storm


Unique smokeless and time-saving barbecue grills will now be enjoyed by the British public thanks to a partnership between a British company and a German firm.

The Cardiff-based outdoor living and survival equipment specialists, BCB Adventure Ltd have been appointed UK distributors for a range of versatile BBQs developed by the German firm Feuerdesign. The grills can reach the required cooking temperature in under three minutes.

In recent years, BCB Adventure have introduced to the market a non-toxic and all-weather fire-lighting fuel called ‘FireDragon’ which is now used by British soldiers to heat their rations and warm their drinks. The fuel can also be used to fire up BBQ grills.

George Carter, BCB Adventure’s UK sales manager, said: “We are delighted with this partnership. The expertise of both companies complement each other.

“Feuerdesign’s grills are quite simply superior to other similar grills available on the market. They combine a stylish and very practical design while at the same time delivering a short cooking time.

“The grills are equipped with a novel slimline powerful fan motor which is rechargeable and enables you to adjust the cooking temperature. This external fan technology is a big advantage over other grills that have an immovable fan built in.

“A nice feature is that the grills’ double-walled housing do not become hot on the outside which means they can be raised and moved during use.

“They require very little charcoal and all of its component parts (bowl, grid and charcoal chamber) are dishwasher friendly. The grills transform a BBQ cooking session into a smokeless and time efficient experience.”

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